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Thank you to all of our 2022 Higher Ground Members!

Chris and Meredith Abrunzo
Brian Agliano
Nick Allen
Teil Allen
Bryce and LB Alley and LB Sierra, Jr.
Todd Alley and Cynthia Holloway
Nicole Alonso
Todd & Lori Amaden
Michael and Katie Ames
Jim Arnold
Avery Awmiller
Michael and Radha Bachman
Jim and Marcy Baker
Jennifer Baltic Osgood
Lisa & Keith Bass
David and Rebecca Bell
Scott and Melissa Black
Steven and Raina Brautigam
MIchael and Jessica Bull
Ian and Kerri Burkett
Don and Sylvia Burkett
David Burns
Noelle Cairns and Sean McGlinn
Kevin and Stephanie Caldwell
Kelly Callahan
Jamie Cannon
Grymes and Lauren Cannon
Bill Carlson
Jason and Natalie Carter
Chris Christenberry
Amber Clayton
Matt and Julia Cogburn
Jeff and Sarah Concannon
David and Cindy Cox
Don and Sue Cox
Kenneth Cowart
David Crouch
Clif and Terry Curry
Francis and Jesica D’Avanza
Jim and Peggy Davis
Sally Dee
Jason and Stacie Dickey
Mark and Stacy DiGregorio
Steve and Ginger Doherty
Gretchen Dominguez
Joseph Dominguez
Jason and Millie Downey
George Fleming & Eleanore Doyle
Amy Drushal
Julio and Betsy Esquivel
Autumn Etheredge
Shawn & Lori Evans
Todd and Erin Farha
Jack Ferguson
Jon and Amy Flaherty
Heath and Kelly Friar
Todd Fultz
Jennifer Fuddy
Brian Funk
Michael and Virginia Garcia
Stephen Gay
Anthony and Katie Georgiadis
Steven and Natalie Gillis
Bryan and Shanna Glazer
Ray and Courtney Gonzalez
James Green
Tom and Anna Griggs
Bill and Alexia Haldane
Leigh Haller & Ashlie Dummeldinger
Ron and Donna Hanes
John and Katie Hardy
David and Beth Harris
Jourdan and Lauren Haynes
Rosemary Henderson
Dani and Heather Hingson-Haines
David and Pamela Hicks
Betsy Hirons
Pete and Cathy Hodge
Thomas Hochhausler and Sung Lee
Tripp Hulse
Jeff and Jenn Hunt
Doug and Michelle Iverson
Tony Ivins
Brad and Erin Jackson
Drew Jenkins
Dan and Jeanine Johnson
Neely and Tim Jordan
Chris Growcock and Martha Kapitz
Matthew Kelly
Ray and Tricia Kelly
Ted and Gina Kelly
Aydin and Barbara Keskiner
Jeffrey Kikoler
Peter and Beth King
Dave and Amber Kovacik
Ed and Sue Kuchinski
Sophie Kuchinski & Brett Andrews
Jennifer Lanning & Chris Curry
Brooke Layton
Josh Layton
Stephanie and Ryan Leuthauser
Fergus Linskey
Gar and Elise Lippincott
Blair Licht
Mike Lowery
Fred and Ruth Lynch
Ian MacKechnie
Ken Malmberg and East Apthorp
Caren Marlowe
Drew and Jodi Marshall
Carla McCall and Reynolds Watkins
Michael & Sharon McCarthy
Ryan Mcgee
Shawn Meader
Lawerence & Jolie Migliara
Scott and Marcie Miller
Bill and Joena Mitchell
Liza Mizel
Brian and Kimberley Model
Mark Monkarsh and Ashley Mooney
Chad and Beverly Moore
Dorrit and Melissa Morgan
Paige Murtagh
Pete and Rhonda Nelson
Chon and Megan Nguyen
Bruce and Maureen Nichols
Matt and Sarah O’Brien
Jim O’Malley
Sam Ochstein
Kevin & Jocelyn Orihuela
David and Laura Osterweil
Kimberly Overman
Jeff and Amy Patenaude
Shane and Katie Perkey
Josh and Katie Podolsky
Nikki Powers and Jamie Myers
Laura Preston
Mike & Jen Puleo
Amy Quezon & Matthew Wilde
Joshua & Kim Rademacher
Jason & Amanda Raitano
Jeff and Lee Ralph
Taylor and Caitlin Ralph
Dr. John and Danielle Redd
Colin & Shannon Reid
Lisa & Lance Reins
Wade Reynolds
Ned & Michelle Roberts
Jane Rodriguez
Paula Rousselle
Rick and Linda Rowe
Tim Ruff
Ashley Rushing
Jessica Sanchez
John Sartor
Ronnie and Beth Schatzberg
Cyndi Sexton and Mark Anderson
Patrick and Jessica Shea
Cheryl Silbernagel
Draughon Silcox
Ghada Skaff Lieser and Jeff Lieser
Tom Stampiglia
Hampton and Leslie Stephens
Kostas Stoilas
Eddie and Colleen Suarez
Alex and Katie Sullivan
Chris and Sandi Sullivan
Jay and Beth Sussman
Marlo Tamayo and Kelly Gardner
T.G. and Michelle Taylor
Denny and Caroline Thaxton
Kate and Pat Trimpert
Katie Trott
Christine & Tobin Turner
Steve and Kelley Van Arsdale
Shaun and George Vaka
Patrick Venable
John Wakefield
Tom and Julie Walrond
Reynolds Watkins
Elizabeth & Rich Whiteley
Cameron Williams
David & Anne Williams
David and India Witte
Dan and Janelle Wolff
Julie Wooley
Tom Young
Shawn and Valarie Yuskaitis
Dave & Stephanie Zalich
Bryan and Jamie Zinober
Bill and Claudia Young

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